Saturday, December 27, 2014


I had over 10,000 images (vintage and 'current') that I've spent part of my holiday finally editing and consolidating.  I plan to blitz this blog with some of the collections.  So you will see fat posts of a few at a time, instead of many small ones.  It more suits my mood of late :)  I might post a video here and there too, purely out of historical pornographic interest - and I plan on transcribing parts of an interesting article from the end of the Golden Age that I read in university and saved all these years. You may have also noticed that I have removed all the nude images of myself that I have posted over the years.  I want to divert attention away from myself, as this is my current state of mind.  I have, in any event, progressed further with my personal nude studies and relegated them to another webpage.  In a sense I have thrown them into the sand of a great desert which is this internet.

For the new year, I leave you with Dan Rather's abortive attempt at a closing comment: 'Courage'

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