Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pictures? Where are my pictures?

I admit I have been a neglectful parent concerning my blog (the mea culpa of so many in this virtual world).  I have had work and personal issues to deal with the last few years and it has taken me away from an indulgent sensibility here on these pages.  I have noticed, annoyingly (considering all the work done), that photos have ceased to exist on a considerable number of the posts.  And strangely, it is all or nothing, or hit and miss. One can see the photo, but once clicked, nothing shows.  I suspect it has something to do with Picasa being retired by Google.  At this point I don't know what to do about it.  It is an incentive to continue, although, as my mother used to say, one chooses between "a kick in the pants or a poke in the jaw" (metaphorically speaking of course, she never touched me).


Ernest Villa said...

I hope you continue with your Blog for as long as you can.It is truly difficult when others decided what is or is not decent,and that is their issue. As I said in the beginning as long as you are having fun keep it going. ♥

tonyitalian1951 said...

Dear Friend is this your way to say Good Bye, Adios, Arrivederci, Au revoir to us ? I suppose everything must come to an end. So that you know this coming Friday will be my last day. I am 66 y/y and I feel is time to do something else. I am therefore retiring for good. Please keep informed if you can. Thanks

Peepity Peep said...

Thank you both for making your comments! It's just been a bit of a thoughtful time, which has been a preoccupation and a distraction. You've not seen the last of me yet! Tony, it's a new life! All the best to the two of you.