Sunday, March 14, 2010

Something expensive

The world knows you possess it--it is yours:
Sweaters and sweatshirts, jeans and tailored suits,
Shampoo and suntan lotion and perfume. . . .
You move among all things and pick and choose,
Consummately consuming, never to be consumed.

Great models when they dress--and undress too--
Consciously pose to emulate your
You cross the street, the sunlight in your hair,
And stop to talk; you lean back in a chair. . . .

You mould all things around the way you move,
And everything so yields itself to you,
It is your body's fashion that shows through.

And my heart, dangling in its wooden cage,
Like a chained dog that cries "Wolf! Wolf!" all night,
Leaps, tugs, and jerks, and yanks and strains,
Hanging itself in helpless rage
The moment you come into sight.

I found this bit of poetry on the net some time ago, and now I can't remember who wrote it. I took it from a webpage by an amateur author. I think it is wonderfully fashioned and aptly describes the tantalizing nature of physical beauty.

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