Thursday, September 23, 2010

Song of the Mad Prince

Who said, "Peacock Pie"?
The old King to the sparrow:
Who said, "Crops are ripe"?
Rust to the harrow:
Who said, "Where sleeps he now?
Where rests he now his head,
Bathed in Adam's loveliness"? -
That's what I said.

Who said, "Aye, mum's the word";
Sexton to willow:
Who said, "Green dusk for dreams,
Moss for a pillow"?
Who said, "All time's delight
hath he for narrow bed;
Life's troubled bubble broken"? -
That's what I said.

With apologies to Walter de la Mare.


Nicco said...

I don't think the man who talked about boylike imagination would mind being read in a "boy" blog : )

Thanks for this little gem!

Starched Collar said...

I'll certainly find more and pass them along. You know how I am with books and things :)