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A call to the clerisy: what I am reading

Michael Billington, U.F.O. and some childhood memories

U.F.O. was a British series by Gerry Anderson.  He was famous for creating 'Supermarionation'.  It was a puppet, or rather marionette, animation.  Stingray and Thunderbirds are two that I recall.  U.F.O. was quite short-lived, but long enough for me to get a dinky-toy of one of the vehicles at Harrods during a trip to England.  I do remember seeing the episode with Colonel Paul Foster (Billington) in the sauna.  It was on CBC TV - up in Northern Ontario - in the early 1970s.  Needless to say, my 7-year-old mind was transfixed by all that fur...  I do recall an absolute thrill, but naught to do about it.  I was just seven after all.

Super gorgeous meat

When sofas were a crime

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For size queens

Vintage stud

I finally found a version of this picture that was larger than the grainy postage stamp versions I have always seen...

Hung Ronaldo, 29 year old Brasilian