Sunday, February 19, 2012


Men's catalogue: the novel use of sweaters

A husband, chronicled

The photographer used her husband as a model (bravo, he is very attractive!) and chronicled him simply nude - but she also showed him active as well as documenting his knee surgery.  Funny, the most erotic one for me is him emerging from the tub with his torso bare...

Assorted fur

Modern cowboy

Vintage cowboy

Blake, large format + 1

Well sated

Sculpted (finally a large image)

I have seen this photo for years and have always searched for a larger version.  Finally, I found one.

I see fur

60s hunks

with a helping hand...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One of the reasons I started this blog: Ralph Pfundstein

This handsome man with the 'funny' name transfixed me some years ago when I saw pictures of him, care of the old Champion studios.  He epitomized for me youthful carefree innocence in a time before AIDS and the sexual revolution.  If you go right to the beginning of my blog, back four years to the very first page, you can see some colour photos of him that were floating around on the net (and still do certainly, in varying degrees of size and graininess).

Call it a lust across the decades.  If he is still alive he would most likely be in his 70s now.  An odd thought, as his features are frozen for me in the early 60s like some high school crush.  His face, his smile and his furry body all drive me a bit batty.  Ralph, if you are out there, drop me a line.  You can be my Walt from For a Lost Soldier...