Thursday, February 28, 2013

More of Bill Eld, for SkinDick

A face only a mother could love, but that equipment, gosh!


Chaetophile said...

Really? Hmmm, I would say it's a haircut problem, not the face so much. I can't think of a worse haircut for a face like that. With a short, spiky cut he might have been kinda hot.

Starched Collar said...

Yeah, Chaet, he looks like the Dauphin with that bowl-cut :)!

SkinDick said...

Bill was VERY handsome - VERY lean and had like 2% body fat...most of which was centered in his bloated, veiny SpermGiver.

He LOVED to get sucked - and he LOVED to fuck.

Met him in Chicago in the old days - in a bar, allowing ALL COMERS to grope and worship his swollen Tool.

Starched Collar said...

Wow SkinDick, you are an insider to some legendary info! Interest! Envy!