Sunday, March 19, 2017

World Naked Bike Ride (again)

Apologies for any 'repeats'.  See more here:WNBR and continue with the links at the bottom of the previous posts ..


tonyitalian1951 said...

Each of these guys is well endowed. Nice pubes and with balls that are really show pieces. Do they ride the bikes with their dicks unprotected, not even a pouch ? Are you yourself one of the participants ? Surely would like to know. Your longtime follower Tony

Peepity Peep said...

I am an avid biker T, but I have not braved the event. I am actually afraid of wiping out naked on a bike. Not a pretty sight and damn painful I can bet. I don't mind at all letting it all hang out, but I prefer being on my own two feet, and not at speed, when doing it :)